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Attention to service,
custom-made offer,
high quality standards,
competitive prices:
these are our plus.

About us

Carbolite S.r.l. grew out in 1994 of a long family tradition in optical business and has always been settled in Cadore, the area of excellence for this sector, so we can say that is a local company, but at the same time also global.

The structure is of an artisan business, customer-care oriented, able to follow the choise of products from the color to the material, giving an expert and technical advice.

But Carbolite S.r.l. is also global, international-market oriented with a focus on new fashion trends.

Customised products and services

The wide range of products and strong attention to quality allow to meet
specific demands of customers, giving a tailor-made service.

  • Direct relationship
    with customers
  • Technical
  • No minimum
    quantity required

    for hand-list products
  • Customised colors
    on request